Bring Us Together

Welcome to DiFfrenzZ

We are made to create websites!

We transform ideas into result-driven products for entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises.

DiFfrenzZ is made to create web solutions! We do it well and we do it cheap !

We are able to quickly develop interactive experience and functional interfaces by making the most out of the high-end technologies including ReactJS, GraphQL, Gatsby among others.

What make us... "different" is our unique approach to meet a project's requirement and capacity to define customers tailored internet strategies !

We are so cheap! 💪

"We are facing the daunting task of being and remaining cheap."
- Jean-Luc K.T.

Almost an obsession, the idea to make our websites and services affordable to all has been part of our core principles since inception.

We have conducted hours of research, tested numerous tools, and sought different combinations of implementations to achieve that goal.
We knew we were going to make it, although we have been helped also by the rapid development growth of new
Open-Source tools and resources such as the JamStack.

Getting Prepared !

We integrate your goals, and your customers'needs to create a client-focused and customer-centric web solution.

We put lots of efforts into prototyping and pre-implementation processes ensuring you have enough resources allocated to the project and ensuring everyone on your team agrees on the project scope.

A person's hands typing on a keyboard for visually impaired

Only 2 sites out of 10 are made accessible for people with disabilities.

Web Accessibility

Our modern Web Development techniques and outstanding web designs that come in line with standards set for "Accessible websites".

Accessibility is essential for developers and organizations that want to create high-quality websites and web tools, and not exclude people from using their products and services.

⚡ Remaining Together ⚡

By using DiFfrenzZ, you give yourself the possibility to expend your business and ideas ideas.

We remain with you, during and after the process of establishing your online presence. We do believe that our success should reflect ours and vice-versa.Advisor, Technical Specialist or System Administrator, there is always someone available to guide, fix or manage.


Foe exemple, let's consider CMS.CMS or Content Management Systems are important for every website. About 60% of websites use WordPress CMS to help them boost their profits. You can use it to manage your portfolio projects and to post blog articles.

We tell you the What, the Why and the How to use it as part of our engagement with you entirely for free.

We make sure that you grasp and firmly hold, all aspects of the tools we provided to you.
That's why we are "different", that's why we are your "friends" 🥇